IGNOU B.Sc Physics Solved Assignments 2019

The distance university offered bachelor degree course, name is BDP / B.Sc – B.Sc Physics. There are 2 sections of IGNOU B.Sc Physics Study : First one is IGNOU BSC Physics Term-End Exam and Second one is Assignments. Both sections have same importance in term of study and to get bachelor of science degree in physics.

Students need to submit Ignou B.Sc Physics Solved Assignment 2019 before due date for following courses such as BPHE-101, BPHE-102, Phe-4, Phe-5, Phe-6, Phe-7, Phe-9, Phe-10, Phe-11, Phe-13, Phe-14, Phe-15, Phe-16 etc.

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Where to submit Ignou B.Sc Physics Assignments 2019 ?

Be noted that b.sc in physics assignment should be submitted to the Coordinator of concerned Study Centre. After submitting, must obtain a receipt from the Study Centre.

Ignou B.Sc Physics Assignment Free Download ?

Students can easily download Ignou B.Sc Physics First Year Assignment and PHE 2nd Year Assignment Questions for the session July 2018 and January 2019 in English medium at free of cost by visiting the university official website. Click here for download.

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IGNOU B.SC Phyiscs Assignment Submission Status ?

The Study Centre in turn will send the bachelor of science in physics assignment marks to the Student Evaluation Division (SED) at IGNOU, New Delhi. Once, submitting assignment and attend viva successfully. Students can check B.Sc physics assignment submission status by clicking at link https://admission.ignou.ac.in/changeadmdata/StatusAssignment.ASP.

Last date of Ignou B.Sc Phyiscs Assignment Submission?

The assignment valid for Bachelor’s Degree Programme (B.Sc Physics) is valid from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

However, we advised students to submit it within 12 weeks of receiving this booklet to accomplish its purpose as a teaching tool. Answer sheets received after the due date shall not be accepted.

How to download Ignou B.Sc Phyiscs Assignment ?

Students whose are enrolled in PHE – BSc Physics and are looking for IGNOU PHE Solved Assignments 2019 for all subjects in the form of PDF or DOCX format at cheap price, then you are at right place : send an email at [email protected]. Students need to pay some service charge which is reasonable one.

IGNOU B.SC Physics Solved Assignment Free Download

Course CodeTitle of the CourseDownload Link
PHE-01/BPHE-101Elementary MechanicsClick Here
PHE-02/BPHE-102Oscillations and WavesClick Here
PHE-04Mathematical Methods in Physics-IClick Here
PHE-05Mathematical Methods in Physics-IIClick Here
PHE-06Thermodynamics and Statistical MechanicsClick Here
PHE-07Electric and Magnetic PhenomenaClick Here
PHE-09OpticsClick Here
PHE-10Electrical Circuits and ElectronicsClick Here
PHE-11Modern PhysicsClick Here
PHE-13Physics of SolidsClick Here
PHE-14Mathematical Methods in Physics-IIIClick Here
PHE-15Astronomy and AstrophysicsClick Here
PHE-16Communication PhysicsClick Here

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