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IGNOU MA Economics Solved Assignment 2019-20?

The distance university offered master degree course, name is MEC – MA Economics. There are 2 sections of IGNOU MA Economics Study : First one is IGNOU MEC Term-End Exam and Second one is Solved Assignments 2019-20. Both sections have same importance in term of study.

Students need to submit MA Economics Assignment 2019-20 before due date for following course such as MEC-1, MEC-2, MEC-3, MEC-4, MEC-5, MEC-6, MEC-7, MEC-108, MEC-109, MECE-1, MECE-3, MECE-4. The university have uploaded notification for revised course from MEC-005 to MEC-105, MEC-8 to MEC-108, MEC-9 to MEC-109.

For IGNOU MA Economics Solved Assignments 2019-20, Whatsapp (9953207989)

Where to submit Ignou MEC Assignment Submission?

Ignou MA Economics Assignments 2019-20 carry 30% weightage in your total mark obtain in theory paper. Be noted that ma economics assignment should be submitted to the Coordinator of concerned Study Centre. After submitting, must obtain a receipt from the Study Centre.

Ignou MEC Assignment Free Download?

Students can easily download Ignou MA Economics 1st year assignment and MEC 2nd year assignment question papers for July 2019 and January 2020 session in English and Hindi medium at free of cost by visiting the university official website. Click here for download.

IGNOU MEC Assignment Submission Status?

The Study Centre in turn will send the ma economics assignment marks to the Student Evaluation Division (SED) at IGNOU, New Delhi. Once, submitting assignment and attend viva successfully. Students can check MEC assignment submission status by clicking at link https://admission.ignou.ac.in/changeadmdata/StatusAssignment.ASP.

Last date of Ignou MA Economics Assignment Submission?

For July 2019 Session Students, the last date is on or before March 31st 2020

For January 2020 Session Students, the submission schedule is on or before September 30th 2020.

In MA Economics First year, there are 5 subjects and In second year, there are 6 subjects which needs to study. In total, there are 11 subjects assignments solutions is available here at reasonable price in the form of PDF.

IGNOU MCOM Solved Assignment 2019-20

IGNOU MEG Solved Assignment 2019-20

How to download Ignou MEC Solved Assignment 2019-20?

Students whose are enrolled in MEC – MA Economics and are looking for Ignou MA Economics Solved Assignments 2019-20 for all subjects in the form of PDF at cheap price, then you are at right place : send an email at [email protected]

Ignou MA Economics 1st Year Assignment Free Download

Course CodeTitle of the CourseDownload Link
MEC-001Micro Economic AnalysisClick Here
MEC-002Macro Economic AnalysisClick Here
MEC-003Quantitative Methods for Economic AnalysisClick Here
MEC-004Economics of Growth and DevelopmentClick Here
MEC-105Indian Economic PolicyClick Here

Ignou MA Economics 2nd Year Assignment Free Download

Compulsory Courses
MEC-006Public EconomicsClick Here
MEC-007International Trade and FinanceClick Here
MEC-108Economics of Social Sector and EnvironmentClick Here
MEC-109Research Methods in EconomicsClick Here
Optional Courses (Choose 12 Credits Only)
MECE-001Econometric MethodsClick Here
MECE-003Actuarial Economics: Theory and PracticeClick Here
MECE-004Financial Institutions and MarketsClick Here
MECP-001Project Work – MECP-001Click Here
Public Policy and AnalysisTo be taken together
Electronic Governance
Click Here
MPA-17Click Here

Keep visiting our website for latest update of IGNOU MA ECONOMICS SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS 2019-20 FREE DOWNLOAD PDF !!


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