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The Indira Gandhi National Open University offers distance education to those students who cann’t continue their study due to job, finance and family issue etc. There are two important parts of IGNOU Study. First one is Term-end exam and second one is TMA (Tutor Marked Assignments). Both are important for getting degree (Bachelor / Master / Post-Graduate Diploma / Diploma ), completion of both is necessary with in specified time frame.

The distance university provides assignments question paper or booklet for July 2019 and January 2020 session to students to solve them before last date with is mentioned at assignment booklet and submit solved assignment hard copy in their respective study centres.

For IGNOU Solved Assignments 2019-20, Help / Reference Books, Call or Contact at WHATSAPP (9953207989)

As per university, assignment work is so importance as term end examinations. If any student don’t submit solved assignments before last date, cann’t submit exam form and will not be eligible to appear in an upcoming term-end examination.

IGNOU Solved Assignments 2019-20 carry 30% weightage while theory exam carry 70% weightage. The combined passing marks for TMA (Tutor Marked Assignments) and Theory Exams (70%) are required to complete any course. Be noted that if student prepare their assignments by own, it will be help in their June and December term-end examination.

At the time of making assignments, students should follow all guidelines / instructions which are provided in the assignment question booklet 2019-2020 by distance university. Students need to read these guidelines in details before start to write the assignments.

Many students try to prepare their assignments but they cann’t do due to their busy schedule. So no need to worry.

There are many publishers available on Internet which provide solved assignments for all offered disciplines. For July 2019 and January 2020 session students, the distance university upload new assignment question papers or booklet 2019-20 on their official website.

IGNOU Assignment Submission Status ?

After submission of assignments, enrolled students can check the IGNOU Assignment Submission Status by going through the official website. To download new assignments question papers or booklet by following simple path Home > Student Zone > Downloads > Assignments, please click at below mentioned link :


After taking admission, the distance university also send the new assignment question booklet to the registered student’s physical address with study material. Many students face problem to make assignment front page.

So, no need to worry, the university provides IGNOU Student Handbook and Prospectus 2019-20 where assignment front page design is enclosed with prospectus. Be noted that students need to write assignments answers as per requirements, should be neat and clean and in it’s own handwriting. The IGNOU Assignment Front Page have Enrollment No., Name, Address, Date, Assignment No. , Name of Study Centre, Course Title etc.


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